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Bird photography
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Flamingo picture
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Animal photography

The man tried to capture the animals and the natural world, beginning with the Paleolithic period in which the first animalistic image. Naturally, the photo has provided great opportunities for the development of the genre. With the advent of fingerprints on paper became possible to copy photos. In books and magazines became more and more animal imagery, photo-naturalist. This documentary evidence provided invaluable support to science.
If at the beginning of its development animalistic genre was primarily documentary value, but now, in an era of environmental disasters, it is a means of drawing attention to environmental issues, that his mother with photographing a photograph. Many famous photographers-Animalists cooperate with the funds to protect the environment, which are organized with the support of the exhibition.
In the world there are a number of journalism photo-publication who publish the most interesting pictures of photographers-Animalists. The main magazine, where the master animal photos show their work has been and remains a National Geographic, established by the National Geographic Society. National Geographic was the first magazine which published the night shots of animals. Here originated underwater photography.
It is noteworthy magazine Geo, where you can also see pictures from the world of wildlife. The magazine publishes a lot of professional photographers-Animalists. Geo magazine also conducts various competitions for photographers-travelers.