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Landscape photography

Typology of diverse landscapes and often specific. To include urban landscapes and architecture types, mountains, sea, landscape pictures and photos taken from the air.
At first glance, landscape photography is a very simple type of photography. It seems that we need only go with a camera on the street, choose a worthy object and clicking shutter. However, seeing their first shots, you may be disappointed. On what should pay attention when photographing landscapes and how to get good shots, you'll learn below.
Before the shooting must remember basic rules for constructing songs. Try not to have a horizon line exactly midway frame. It is desirable to build a song in a way that it was closer to the top or bottom third of the frame. Avoid the central layout of objects on which you do accent. Since ancient times were well known rules by which the object was located near the point of "golden section", is the most harmonious perception. Thoughts dividing the frame into three equal parts by two vertical and two horizontal lines, composer your frame, so that accent object in the area was one point of their crossings. If few such objects, never place them on one line.