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Emine-Bair Khosar Cave

Among European nature landmarks the Emine-Bair Khosar Cave occupies an exceptional place. It is located in the picturesque slope of Mt. Chatyr-Dag from which the panorama of all the central part of the peninsula can be observed.
It was not easy to get into the Cave, the only way was lying through a formidable mysterious shaft, the vertical walls of which are lost in darkness.
It was not until 1927 that the shaft reached by geologist. It led them into a beautiful, over 100-m-long hall.
The Cave became world-famous due to a many-yearlong work of the Simferopol speleologists who from 1969 to 1982 discovered about 1,500 m of new halls and galleries covered with many-coloured calcite crystals the so-called cave flowers. The Cave is really unique a variety and splendour of calcite formations.
For a quarter of a century speleologists guarded and protected the Cave, then, having cleared a new convenient entrance, they made it open for visitors.
Some sensational discoveries were made during the work, namely halls with unique stalactites and stalagmites and paleontologic fossils (bones of mammoth, fleecy rhinoceros, bison, cave lion and bear, etc.) were found.