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Panorama photography

For more than 150 years of existence panoramic pictures continuing controversy and debate about what can be called a panoramic picture. The vast majority of participants in such discussions agreed that the main 'panoramic' sign is the ratio of party image, which should not be less than 2:1. More differences begin. Some argue that the important characteristic of the panoramic photo is the angle of view lens in a horizontal plane, which must not be less than 70 degrees (90, 120, etc. depending on the degree of radical discuss side). In doing so, in most cases denied the right to existence panoramic images obtained by simple formatting regular photographic images (24 h36 mm, 6 x6, etc.). Some argue that the real panorama can be considered only that which is obtained using the apparatus with turning the lens or apparatus, rotating around a vertical axis. And finally, the most radical view is that truly is a panoramic picture, covering all 360 degrees.