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Flower photography

Those who enjoys shooting flowers, can only envy. Their facilities are available at any time of year: in the forest, in the botanical garden, the flower in flower shops.
Flowers are very decorative, and hence composition of your image should be very simple. Otherwise photograph will turn out too fussy, and all attractive beauty of a flower, his wonderful form and color-saturated be lost. Focus attention on any one plant and take photographs.
Most important when photographing flowers - to convey the details and not distort color. Consequently, flowers better to withdraw in diffuse light. It is essential to clearly put the camera on sharpness with short distances.
If the rain - not bad! Flowers even better to withdraw, just besprent their water. From this, they (and image) will be fresher and colors - brighter. Wind - well, and let, set a long endurance and get a flower in motion, in flight.
The subjects with flowers and plants truly countless. It is interesting to photograph the stems, leaves and petals in macro regime: these images are very impressive, and make them relatively easy, and the object will not hurry - and a real luxury for the photographer.