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Nature photography

Taking nature pictures - one of the most common kinds of shooting in the photos. Each specific landscape requires an individual approach, careful selection of shooting conditions. Often landscape, attracting universal attention, the fingerprints produced quite blankly, details disappear, giving the scenery especially impressive. Photographer must not only see the details, the main ingredients in the beauty of the nature, but also able to emphasize, highlight being a means of photography.
Optical properties depend on the landscapes of their facilities and lighting conditions. In most of the landscapes shot took a sky, vegetation, snow, water and, in some cases, bare ground or rocks. Terms of lighting are very different from the height of the sun, clouds and other factors, that is the main palette and landscape photographer.
Sometimes accounts to withdraw against the sun, when the direct rays of glare or reflection from surfaces can get into the lens.
For shooting nature can be used any cameras, but the image is very important landscapes transfer small parts, high-resolution images. Good shots cloudy skies produced almost against the sun, when the solar disc closed cloud. In these cases edges of clouds and sun carved on the image sometimes portrayed, even diverging rays of the sun.